Professional Android App Development Training | Personalized Learning
Sukhwinder Singh Sukhwinder Singh

Professional Android App Development Training | Personalized Learning

Want to develop your own Android App? 20 hours of theory and practicals are just what you need!

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Course Start Date: 20 Apr 2014

This course runs for 1 Weeks

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Android OS is now the largest used mobile operating system in the world. It not only power smartphones but regular phones, tablets and other devices too. And, all this is on a massive upswing.
No wonder that Android App Development is one of the hottest skills to invest in for all IT professionals and students.


Why should you chose this course?


  • Practicals. Because that’s the best way to learn programming. Theory is fine but its with practicals that you realize your lessons for a lifetime.

  • Course-feed discussions with the teacher and other students. Because that’s the best way to clarify and retain.

  • Instructor led training sessions. Because that’s the best way to learn anything - learn from someone who not only knows but can also teach.



In 20 hours of LIVE online instructor led classes, your course instructor introduces and advances you in the exciting world of Android App Development enabling you to develop professional Android Applications.


Professional Android App Development Training online course includes:


  • 20 LIVE interactive online classes

  • Access to recordings for reviewing

  • Instructor led training

  • Includes practicals and exercises


Professional Android App Development Training online course outline:



  • What is Android?

  • Understanding Android Architecture.

  • Different components of an Android Architecture.

  • Use of Activity, Service, Content Provider & Broadcast Receiver.

  • What is AndroidManifest.xml file?

  • Setting up development environment.

  • Understanding logging & debugging mechanism in Android Development Tool.

  • Developing a Hello World application in android.

  • Understanding different folders in an android project.



  • What is Activities?

  • Understanding activity LifeCycle.

  • Creating an Activity

  • Implementing a user interface

  • Declaring the activity in the manifest

  • Starting an Activity

  • Starting an activity for a result

  • Shutting Down an Activity

  • Managing the Activity Lifecycle

  • Implementing the lifecycle callbacks

  • Saving activity state

  • Handling configuration changes


Intent & Intent Filters

  • What is Intent?

  • What are different types of Intent?

  • Understanding how intents are resolved in android.



  • What is Service?

  • Different types of services?

  • Understanding Service Lifecycle.

  • Creation of services & declaring in Android Manifest file?

  • Inter process communication with service.

  • Understanding process priority in Android.


User Interface in Android

  • What is View?

  • What is Layout?

  • Different types of Layout in Android & their use.

  • Different Widget available in Android for User Interface.

  • Understanding different layout params in android(margin.padding.width,height etc.).

  • Event Handling in android.

  • What is list view, grid view in android?

  • What is adapter & which are the different types of adapter?

  • When to use which adapter?

  • Writing custom adapter in android.

  • Creating & using Menus, Sub Menus.

  • Different types of Dialog in android.

  • Creating & using different dialogs in android.

  • Creating & using custom dialog in android.


Test 1

  • A test will be conducted which will cover above mentioned topics.

  • Test will contain multiple choice questions.


Data Storage in Android:

  • Understanding permission in Android?

  • Understanding Shared Preferences.

  • Saving Activity states.

  • Using SQLite Databases for storing data.

  • What is content provider?

  • Creating & Using Content Provider.

  • File saving & loading in android.



  • Understanding different types of animation in android.

  • Creating & using 2d & 3d animation.


Android Multimedia:

  • How to play audio and video in your application.

  • How to use a device camera to take pictures or video in your application.

  • Understanding & using Media store in android.


Sensors & Services:

  • Understanding & using different sensor in android (Orientation,accelerometer etc).

  • Using Location service in android.


Overview of Telephony, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi:

  • Using the Bluetooth APIs.

  • Understanding & using Wi-Fi APIs.

  • Understanding & using Telephony APIs.

  • Sending & receiving SMS & MMS.


Understanding different Design pattern for Web Services:

  • How to architect your application in order to consume Rest Apis.

  • Understanding three different design pattern for consuming REST api in android.

  • Developing sample app for the same.


Test 2

  • A test will be conducted which will cover above mentioned topics after Test 1.

  • Test will contain multiple choice questions.


Signing and Publishing your app in android market.


Language of instruction: English

About the instructor
Sukhwinder Singh

chandigarh , India

Sukhwinder Singh has been teaching engineering graduates, young programmers and experienced professionals, Java for 5 years. He is renowned for his practical oriented approach to teaching, liberally using practicals, simulations and exercises to engage the student interest in Java. He is skilled in both Core as well as Advance Java concepts like Spring Framework, struts, JSP, Java Web Services, ORM with Hibernate, JSF and Websphere. His comprehensive and complete knowledge of Java makes him an ideal instructor for your Java learning. He holds a post graduate/ Masters degree in Computer Applications. He is based out of Chandigarh, India.



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