Core and Advance Java Concepts
Sukhwinder Singh Sukhwinder Singh

Core and Advance Java Concepts

Complete start to end Java course for beginners and professionals

3 Weeks

Course Start Date: 22 Nov 2012

This course runs for 3 Weeks

live classes


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What most beginners and professionals want is an integrated learning for Core and Advanced Java concepts with a well designed curriculum. The interactive and comprehensive nature of this course will help you master all the details about core as well as advance Java. This will help you prepare for the Sun Certified Java Professional program. Care has been taken to design the lessons to keep you attentive and all concepts are explained with the help of practical programming exercises, simulations and practice files.


A skill assessment practical at the end of the course.


The course will be conducted in a true programmer cum geeky fashion - open, frank, collaborative, engaging and practical oriented, it would still be accessible for people new to programming. If you want to start you career or switch your career to Java, the 3 weeks you spend on this course is ideal for you.


Why should you enroll in this course?


  • Comprehensive course covering both Core and Advance Java.
  • Helps you understand the concepts of Java programming language.
  • The course is ideal for students preparing for Sun Certified Java Professional Certification.
  • Practical knowledge along with projects will help in entering the Java professional domain.
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What’s included in the course?


  • 15 LIVE interactive online classes
  • Access to class recordings
  • Classes will be held between 7 AM to 9 AM - Monday to Friday, IST
  • *Learners must purchase Core Java Black Book for this course - available online and at all leading book shops


Basic Requirements:


  • JDK - latest version 1.6
  • Eclipse


Course outline:


  • Getting started
  • Learning the basics of Java language
  • Classes and Objects
  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) concepts
  • Learning the advanced features of Java language
  • Debugging and Testing
  • Collections framework
  • Reflection API
  • Database connectivity and JDBC
  • Exception handling
  • Inner classes
  • Serialization concepts
  • Concurrent framework in java
  • I/O & Networking
  • Threading
  • J2SE 5.0 Features

Language of instruction: English

About the instructor
Sukhwinder Singh

chandigarh , India

Sukhwinder Singh has been teaching engineering graduates, young programmers and experienced professionals, Java for 5 years. He is renowned for his practical oriented approach to teaching, liberally using practicals, simulations and exercises to engage the student interest in Java. He is skilled in both Core as well as Advance Java concepts like Spring Framework, struts, JSP, Java Web Services, ORM with Hibernate, JSF and Websphere. His comprehensive and complete knowledge of Java makes him an ideal instructor for your Java learning. He holds a post graduate/ Masters degree in Computer Applications. He is based out of Chandigarh, India.



Schedule & Syllabus

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